While I’d love to be at PAX Aus this year, I’m incredibly proud that 3 x Game Titles which have employed Vyxl services in the last few months are currently showcasing at the Melbourne event. If you’re there, check them out!

22RS – 22nd Century Racing Series 

Developing print collateral for the team to use at PAX is also giving us opportunity to explore the titles’ Brand and Art Direction further – check out the Race License I.D. cards and Flyers below —

Drop Bear Bytes — Broken Roads I believe there’s been a huge amount of excitement for this at PAX, unsurprising given its stunning artwork, classic turn-based gameplay and of course being set in Western Australia doesn’t harm either!

The hugely impressive booth displays are awesome, but I’m also stoked seeing the entire team decked out in Drop Bear Bytes outerwear featuring the Vyxl-designed Logo!

Really proud to be a part of this incredible project, much more to come!

Excited for his game and hope he has a heap of positive feedback, which is great for development energy!

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