VYXL Key Art for 22RS — Free Wallpapers for Desktop + Mobile

VYXL recently completed 'Key Art' for a great friends' personal Game title 22RS - aka 22 Racing Series. This artwork is now used on the official 22RS Steam page, and across Social Media where applicable.

Wallpapers have also been generated, for a large range of Desktop and Mobile resolutions — please grab one for yourself right now by clicking any of the images on this page!

The process firstly involved recording multiple 4K videos of a heavily modified version of the game, to extract the most high-impact sections of track with the right flow and framing.

Once a favourite was chosen, the Vehicle images were exported from the game —again at 4K— before Photoshop editing to cut and separate them cleanly from their sources.

The results were then composited within Photoshop adding edge enhancements to the Vehicles plus further Texturing, colouration and extra FX for impact. Versions of the Key Art were also created with a single or pair of vehicles for the clients' flexibility.

Finally, over to Illustrator for the final Wallpaper compositions + logo/web url placements before exporting.

It's always a pleasure working on great titles, so check out 22RS at Steam or any of the following Social Media locations!

22 Racing Series — Steam

22 Racing Series — Official Website

22 Racing Series — GOATi (Publisher Website)

22 Racing Series — Facebook

22 Racing Series — Twitter

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