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Vyxl is extremely proud to have been involved with this exciting title — a forthcoming ‘post-apocalyptic RPG’ set in the Australian Outback, targeted for release in 2021 on Steam (PC), PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch — by developing the master Logotypes and Style Guide for the project.

The master logo lockup is shown below, with heavily weathered edges implying an eroded and damaged environment without explicitly including identifiable game elements. Earlier mockups included inset silhouettes of characters looking into the distance, wind pumps (highly evocative features of any Outback landscape) or with key art inset directly.


Something in the magnitude of 100—130 logo iterations and variants were developed as bitmaps for the client, during a highly enjoyable Art Direction-led process. The final silhouette was chosen and then finalised to Vector artwork for maximum flexibility across Digital and Print applications. A selection of the many iterations are shown below. Vyxl also created a highly detailed Style Guide for the title.


Vyxl also had the pleasure of developing Drop Bear Bytes’ revised logotypes —


Very excited for Broken Roads, Vyxl will continue following its progress with anticipation — you can also do so with all the social media links below.

Good luck to Craig and the team @ DBB with its ongoing development!

If Vyxl can elevate your Brand, Game, App, Product, Service or Event — please get in touch!

Broken Roads — Website Drop Bear Bytes — Website Drop Bear Bytes — Twitter Drop Bear Bytes — Instagram Drop Bear Bytes — Discord

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