Vyxl recently had the opportunity of a rapid rebrand of the Billy Strange Racing YouTube channel, and with Sim Racing a favourite Vyxl pastime the results were particularly satisfying.

With Billy rapidly expanding his subscription-base, Vyxl is honoured to be a part of his ongoing success.

The skewed red holding device is inspired by Billys’ real-life Sprint Car advertising board, with the red -a particular cornerstone colour of Race-industry branding- retained:

The BSR social media badge (following the master logo shown at the top) is designed to be recognisable at small scales -such as when viewed on mobile devices- and features a modified inlined font implying racing circuits:

YouTube Home page showing use of of imagery behind the branding:

Example of lower third/title using BSR brand elements:

The palette – like the font – was inspired by retro gaming; an important part of Billys’ background and video content:

Once again, best of luck to Billy: Vyxl is excited to see his channel subscriptions increase over the year ahead!

Billy Strange Racing (YouTube channel)

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