Incredibly excited that a title I’ve been working on in secret for a few months, was announced yesterday.

Automobilista (motorist in Portuguese) is a highly-regarded Sim Racing series developed by Brazilian-based Reiza Studios.

Vyxl has delivered new logotypes for the title —aka AMS2— and is working on the UI for the late-2019 launch (with some world-first design concepts, to be announced in due course).

Below you can see the logotypes, heavily inspired by (and fixing issues with) the original logo, shown bottom.

Vyxl wanted to deliver a highly polished, highly recognisable motorsport-inspired identity, with the need to encapsulate the titles’ 14 characters within a recognisable silhouette for maximum readability wherever used.

The master logotype even retains a horizon line, inspired by its’ predecessor. The acronym and social media badge/icons provide further flexibility for the brands’ applications across Social Media, Print and within Digital realms.


Original title logo for reference —

AMS logo.png

Reiza have created an announcement teaser featuring some of the titles new features (such as a new graphics engine including weather and day/night cycles) and of course Vyxl’s AMS2 logo design. Check it out —

Great work from all the team at Reiza, to say I’m very excited for this title would be a massive understatement!

Reiza Studios — Website Reiza Studios — Facebook page Reiza Studios — YouTube Channel

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